Why I say Yes to the EU: Martin McKee CBE

I’ve been undertaking research in and on Europe for 25 years. As an epidemiologist and health policy researcher, Europe is a fantastic natural laboratory. First, we have learned so much from studying the different patterns of health. Take the Mediterranean diet. The changes that so many people have made in what they eat has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. And then there are the natural experiments, when one country … Read more

Why I say Yes to the EU: Ian Hawke

As a tiny kid I’d start those post-Christmas thank-you letters with the simplest home address:

7 Greyfriars Road


As an older kid, I found it fascinating to add every possible layer to this:

7 Greyfriars Road


Nr Catisfield







Solar System

Milky Way…

It was a first contact with orders of magnitude, as in Powers of 10: first, the family in my house, … Read more

Why I say Yes to the EU: Michael Sadgrove

I am the child of a German Jewish refugee who came to Britain in 1939 to escape the Nazis. Since an early age I have had a strong sense of myself as “European”, as well as British. The EU is not perfect but it has given us peace and security in our continent since the war.

As a Christian, I believe that life is meant to be lived not in … Read more