Why I say Yes to the EU: Share your reasons

This could be your contribution. Do you want to help us make a case for the UK to remain a member of the EU? Then please share your reasons with us here. Our aim is to give remain stories a personal touch – a face – that will help people understand why we believe the UK is stronger as a member of the EU. The leave side has a lot of powerful players in the press on its side and they continue to spread misinformation every day. We are hoping that by adding your voices (and faces) to the debate that we have a better chance of making a strong and positive case for EU membership.

If you are interested in sharing your reasons why the UK should remain a member of the EU simply make a submission here.

Once we have received your submission we will get back to you to check on the submission and rights to photo use etc. To make this easier for us we encourage you to use an email address for submission that will allow us to verify your submission easily (e.g. uni email), and allow us to get your official consent for use.

Any submissions made will be treated with care. No details will be disclosed to third parties, and only the agreed details/photograph will, after verification and consent, be used on this site.

If anything is unclear or if you have a question please email us directly at mail@academicsforeurope.eu

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